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Supermodel - Baby Care Doctor


The news has swept around the world: supermodel mommy is expecting her first baby! Everyone’s excited to see this beautiful bundle of joy, but mommy needs someone to keep her healthy and happy while she waits on her baby to be born. Will you help her? In Supermodel Baby, help this star get ready to be a mommy. She’s used to working hard, so you’ll have to make sure she relaxes and check her health. Give her check-ups by monitoring her temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and more, and make sure she eats well and relaxes with some nice activities. Once the baby comes, you’ll have to help mommy take care of the newborn! Bathe, feed, change, and play with the baby so mommy can get ready to get back on the catwalk. Don’t forget to dress up her and baby before they make their big debute! Product Features: - Celebrity mommy themed baby care game. - Complete 5 fun stages to take care of mommy and baby. - Use doctor’s tools like blood pressure monitors, stethoscope, thermometer, and ultrasounds to check on mommy and baby. - Use soap, towel, powder, bottle, toys, diapers, and pacifiers to take care of baby. - Beautiful fashions to dress mommy and baby like celebrities! How to Play: - Use interactive controls to play the game. - Complete each stage to take care of mommy and baby. - Check mommy’s blood pressure, weight, temperature, and more - Make sure mommy eats and relaxes with music and knitting. - Bathe the newborn baby. - Feed, change, and play with the baby. - Dress up mommy and baby.